Day 11-Butte

Monday, June 22, 2009

A few photos from the night before at the famous Doe Brother's Ice Cream Soda shop.

The best food I've had on the trip so far, a Montana Moose Moss Malt
(Peanut butter with mint)

We left Phillipsburg early in the morning but before we left the owner of the candy shop opened it especially for us and gave us all free samples. The candy shop produces 500 lbs. of candy a day and doesn't distribute any of it; here are some photos of the amazing shop.

Every type of taffy possible

The beginning of the ride was cold and wet, we were rained on for the first hour of the ride until the climb began and then thankfully the skies let up. The climb was challenging but had an awesome waterfall at the top and a beautiful mountain lake that made the work well worth it.

My paceline at the top of the climb

We finished the day early and had a friendship visit in the evening with BSW, an organization that helps people with disabilities live independently. The facilities had a wood shop and sewing machines where clients sew up to 200 pairs of boot liners a day that are used by the Navy and Army.


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