Day 15-Jackson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today we rode from Yellowstone to Jackson, for a total of 46 miles. Our scheduled ride of 80 miles was cut short due to complications with a one day cycling permit for Yellowstone, which forced us to rack 21 miles until we were out of the park. That in combination with 2 miles of good roads and 8 miles of construction after the park forced us to rack for 31 miles which worked well since our scheduled arrival time was 11:00 AM.

Where we began our ride today, Gorgeous

Today's paceline

The scenery was just....okay

We worked very hard today to make our scheduled rack time of 40 miles by 10:00 AM. We pushed hard and worked as a team barely making it. The scenery today was gorgeous, we rode along the Tetons couldn't help but stop and take lots of photos forcing us to work harder to make our rack time; we rode along an amazing new bike trail that was super fun to ride on and was nice to get off the road away from cars.


These antler arches are all over town

We had a police escort into Jackson and a warm welcome from a large crowd. The team mingled with everyone before packing into the vans and heading to lodging. We stayed at Twin Creek Ranch in Idaho, owned by a former Pi Alpha. Horseback riding, skeet shooting, and driving golf balls off a cliff were just a few of the activities everyone partook in; we dined like kings for the evening, well fed before white water rafting tomorrow.

Kevin on a horse

Again another amazing view

Shortened ride


hireSteveB June 26, 2009 at 5:42 AM  

Absolutely Beautiful....
Seth and Jonah miss you!!
Roll on Cuz.... Roll on...

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