Day 16-Dubois

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today was a wild ride, including the highest elevation of our trip and some of the steepest climbs well see. We prepared to depart the church at six this morning for our long days ride which started with a 30 mile ride out of Jackson which we had already ridden, except this time it was all uphill. Visibility was low and thick fog made for treacherous conditions on the road, but it made it the time go by fast and before we knew it we had begun our 2o miles, 3000 vertical ft. climb. Nearly halfway into our climb at about 8700 ft. we pulled into a crew stop with more vehicles than usual and immediately knew something was up. Our project manager who had already driven the route decided the construction ahead was unsafe for us to ride on and would be racking us to the peak, a heart breaker! After talking the rack over with him we were allowed to ride the last half mile of the climb hitting our peak elevation of over 9600 ft. We were all very disappointed that we didn't get complete the whole climb on our own but knew that we could if allowed.

My helmet was raining all morning, cool shot of Trevors glasses Sweet huh?

The team being racked, bummer!

A shot at the peak, kinda a half earned photo

The rest of the ride was cake with an awesome descent and freshly paved roads which made it more enjoyable. We were able to catch a tail wind and finished the last 25 miles in just under an hour, incredible!

The town of Dubois sits just below 7000 ft. and has a poplulation of 962 people, pretty small but had everthing the team needed including an awesome cafe which I'm writing this blog at with awesome espresso drinks and a laundry mat for some much needed fresh clothes! Tonight we have a sponsored dinner by the Cattle Woman's association which will be great and lot of time to relax before two 100+ days followed by two friendship visits on our day off.


Pat & Bob ,  June 29, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

You're going through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. I'm sure you're enjoying it. Don't forget to look at your e-mail address. We've sent 2 funnies there.

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