Day 5-Day Off

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today was our first day off and we really needed the rest. After 325 miles in the saddle in 4 days everyone was ready for a break from the bike. The team was fortunate enough to be able to sleep in to 9:30, which is like 3 in the afternoon these days. The team cleaned up and prepared for our friendship visit that morning at Meribeau Park. This friendship visit was very special for me because I met my cousin Pam that I had not had the opportunity to meet before. Pam and her husband Gary live in the area and I invited them to our friendship visit, Gary was on his way back from a fishing trip, but Pam was kind enough to come out and meet the team and organization we were working with.

Me with my cousin Pam

Kathy coloring my hair (She had a blast)

The team at MD family fun day

We spent the afternoon at MD (muscular-dystrophy) family fun day which had lots of games that the team participated in and the kids had a great time. Kathy spray-painted my head orange and pink which looked awesome! (took forever to get out of my hair though) A kids on the block puppet show was put on by several members of the team educating everyone about the incredible abilities of people with disabilities. The afternoon was finished with a giant water balloon fight which none of us seemed to escape unscathed.

The afternoon was spent doing laundry, getting the paint out of my hair, and picking up a new pillow at REI. We were all re-energized and prepared for the days to come. Tomorrow we have an easy 35 mile day.


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