Day 8-Paradise? Montana

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today we arrived in Paradise Montana after a long day from Kellogg. The scheduled ride was 105 miles today, the first fifteen or so being on the trail we took from Coeur D'alene to Kellogg. The ride had two very tough climbs which were short and steep; we were told from Pi Alphas that today was our hardest day on the trip and it certainly was a tough one. We reached the second peak at 12:30 to conclude our 5000 ft. ascent, it was a real sense of accomplishment looking back on what we had just climbed.

9% Grade

At the top of the second pass

After the climbing was done everyone was hungry so we ate lunch at the bottom and continued on our very long ride. We still had 50 miles to do after lunch and we continued riding until we were racked at 85 miles due to lightning. Everyone was disappointed to not have ridden as far as they wanted but it was a great day of riding and everyone finished the day safely.

A long days ride

We bunked up at Quinns hot spring resort (yeah we're roughing it alright) and since we didn't have any programming for the afternoon we were able to enjoy the spring to relax after a hard day.

The staff was kind enough to cook us a fantastic spaghetti dinner that we all had no problem finishing. I spent the rest of the night posting my blogs that I had written but did not have internet to post. Tomorrow is going to be a killer, another 105 mile day that we have to finish by 1:00pm because of an arrival.

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