Day 9-Missoula, Montana

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today was all business on the road. The team had a scheduled lunch with Adventure Cycling at one, so we had to do 100 miles before then; we woke up at 5AM and were on the road by 6:15. Usually we play games and tell stories while were on the road to make the time pass faster but today we took turns putting our bodies through agony pulling up front in a strong headwind. In order to make the ride without being racked we had to hit 85 miles by noon, we pushed hard all day and make it to the rack point by 11:40. We finished our ride into town and met the rest of the team that had been racked to prepare for our arrival. One all cleaned up and looking pretty we formed a double paceline and road to adventure cycling. Adventure cycling is a NPO which organizes ride routes across the country and around the world. They provided us with stickers for our bikes that say "I Ride Therefore, I Transam" which everyone proudly displayed.

Those of us who made the rack point, Wahoo!

Adventure Cycling

After lunch we set up camp in Hellgate Highschool and showered up for our friendship visit. We loaded up in the vans and headed to a home where we met 8 amazing individuals who were very excited to have us visit. They prepared amazing pork ribs for us and we all really enjoyed talking to them and meeting them.

After dinner we headed to a local homemade ice cream shop where I had the recommend Huckleberry Malt which was fantastic.


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