Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today was a very short day on the bike from Fort Collins to Boulder, about 45 miles. A late wake up immediately put everyone in a good mood and to top off the morning we had a sponsored breakfast from several Colorado State University Pi Alpha’s including muffins, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

A shot of our pace line, plus Eric our ride along Pi Alpha

We had three Pi Alphas ride along with us today which was neat to hear stories from older years Journeys and how things have changed since those times. We were cruising along until I had my first flat since I changed my tires in Butte, Montana; a staple put two nice wholes in my tube and was still in my tire which have proven to be great against flat protection (knock on wood). About 8 miles out our pace line hit a patch of gravel on the side of the highway and had another flat; we were in front at the time and first in line for showers until that flat (first showers are key for hot water with 27 guys). After changing another flat we continued into Boulder to the Eta Gamma house where we showered. A delicious lunch was provided by our project managers parents who were in town for a family reunion.

After lunch we headed to First Presbyterian Church downtown where we would be staying for two nights. We set up camp in the church annex and had some downtime before we headed back to the house for a 4th of July cook out. Unfortunately our scheduled wheel chair rugby game, or "Murder ball" was canceled because of conflicts with the club which was a real shame. The Eta Gamma chapter provided a perfect 4th dinner with pulled pork, corn, and some delicious Cajun potato salad.

We walked and toured CU's (Colorado University at Boulder) campus and had a chance to meet Ralphie, the school mascot (A Bison!!!) waiting for fireworks. We headed towards the stadium where the fireworks were and enjoyed some entertainment before the main event. The fire works were phenomenal and the resonance and echo of being in a stadium was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Four of us picked up two extra large pizza's on our way back from the Buffs stadium for a perfect ending to a great independence day.


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