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Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! That's how I would describe the day today. The day began with a sponsored breakfast by Dick and Deb outside the Arc at 6:30. I invited Dick and Deb to ride in our paceline, it was fun to mix things up and made the 60 miles go by much faster.

We rode quickly today with most of the ride being flat and averaged about 19.5 for the day. Dick and Deb took us on a cool detour that took us over a covered bridge and by an awesome winery.

The covered bridge detour

Today we had a solid challenge of eating a personal cake each on the road, I had a German Chocolate cake that was amazing, and made the last 20 miles feel way better.

A paceline picture at stage up

We arrived at Indiana State University and had a cool arrival around a fountain where we were welcomed by the dean of students and Pi Kapp's from the ISU chapter.

ISU arrival

A great lunch at the university student union filled us up, and then we headed off to the Pontius' home. Dr. Pontius is the faculty advisor for the ISU chapter and was kind enough to invite us into his home for the night.

Cool historical home

We had the afternoon to find coffee and make a quick bike shop run before we headed off to our evening friendship visit. A venti iced latte had me energized for the friendship visit and when we arrived the clients were outside clapping and cheering for us, we knew it was going to be a great visit as soon as we saw them waiting. The Happiness Bag inc. is an organization that works with people with various disabilities, both developmental and physical.

This was a very special friendship visit for me because I met Sabrina. When I first met Sabrina she was very cold and didn't want to join everyone singing and dancing out on the gym floor. She did however want to sing Karaoke, and after singing Tim McGraw "Nothin to Die For" she really warmed up and we sang and danced for the rest of the evening together.

The guys singing karaoke

Drayton getting his dance on

Sabrina and I

We all left the friendship visit super jazzed, it was a really memorable night and everyone had a great evening. Fitting that tomorrows ride was to Bloomington, IN we decided to watch "Breaking Away" with Dennis Quaid about cycling that was filmed completely in Bloomington and on the campus of IU.

The days ride

Tomorrow is a short ride to Bloomington and I'm really excited to be in another college town!


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