Topeka, KS

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our ride into Topeka started later than usual and since the day was only 60 miles we were able to take our time along the way and really enjoy the day. For some reason the random number generator seems to select me frequently and again I was chosen for sweeps. Brian volunteered to sweep so that he could ride up front for the TV arrival for his family who live in Kansas. I felt bad letting Brian ride sweep for me so I stayed back with the sweeps and Brian’s uncle Herald.
The ride was gorgeous and reminded me the rolling hills of Purceville back home that I frequented while “training.” We took our time and averaged about 15 MPH for the day and when we arrived had time for a nap before our 1PM TV arrival.

Topeka Arc Group Photo

A few of the guys catching a nap before our arrival

We arrived at the Topeka ARC, or Tarc and enjoyed a street carnival that they had put on for us with live music and games for the kids. We shuttled guys to lodging so everyone could shower and clean up and then returned to Tarc for a dinner with the Board of Tarc. All the guys enoyed playing on the new playground and swings and I made for some fun pictures.

Boys will be boys

After dinner everyone relaxed and enjoyed our beds and rested for our ride into Olathe, the last stop in Kansas.


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