Race Across the Sky and 1st day of Cross Recap!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

After watching the trailer for several months I was heart broken to find out that Race Across the Sky wasn't playing anyway near Blacksburg. I had accepted that I wasn't going to get to see the one time premier of the movie and would have to wait until it came to DVD. As a last resort I checked the movie listings Thursday morning and found that Race Across the Sky was playing in Lynchburg, about 70 miles away. I had decided that after months of waiting I would make the movie an adventure and purchased tickets for Michelle and I. We left as soon as my lab ended at 5 and arrived in Lynchburg around 7. A quick bite to eat at an awesome Mexican place and we headed off to the movie. The theater was small and about 20 other people made the trek to see the film. The film was streamed live-feed similar to how they show NY opera's in theaters, and began with a panel interview with Lance Armstrong and 6-time Leadville 100 winner Dave Weins. The race was incredible and finished with Armstrong riding the last 7 miles on a flat to win the race by 28-minutes. The filming of the race was awesome and the director made you feel like you were in the race. It was totally worth the drive and seeing the film made my week!

NC State Cylocross
Today was my third cyclocross race of the season and it was awesome. Three of us made the trek down to NC last night and stayed with an alumni of the team. Today's forecast was 60% chance of precipitation and we awoke to a downpour this morning. The race was in Cary, NC and Ben W. was racing at 11 while Ben King and I were racing Mens Collegiate C at 2:45. We spent most of the morning scoping out the course and watching the races and then got a bight to eat before our race. The field was the largest I had ever raced, 89 cyclist starting and as the began the skies opened up making it a real cross race. The wholeshot was quick and the first turn, a quick uphill followed by a hard left, a huge bottleneck occured with about 60 of the field crashing. The rain continued and course conditions deteriorated as the race progressed. People were wiping out left and right around me the entire race, I managed to keep rubber side down until about 200 meters from the finish when I ate it a run-up. I managed to keep my position and finished happiliy 29th of 81. I felt that I raced well and I'm excited about racing B's tomorrow, Ben is going to upgrade us tonight!

Ben Warren sprinting for the finish!


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