Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Morning Run with Michelle

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Morning Run with Michelle

Morning Run-Nice slow run to start the last 2 weeks of school off right!

Forgot to start my watch until about 1 mile into our run. I did wear the heart rate monitor though, pretty incredible!


2009 Ashburn Farm Turkey Trot 10K

I've been called by some "the most passive peer pressure person I know" and in some ways I'm proud of that. My sister had been nagging me to run this Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day run with her for some time and I was hesitant because I didn't know if I'd be interested in running 12 days after my marathon. Upon arriving home I stated doing research about the run and found out registration for the race my sister suggested had closed. I was determined to run after watching a few evening specials on Thanksgiving binge eating and found a local 5k and 10k. I immediately put my "passive peer pressure" into effect by mass-texting most of my high school friends who were home for break to see if they would be interested in running. The response was lousy but I managed to convince a few friends to do the race with me, and even convinced my sister and her boyfriend as well.

I signed up online (bummed I missed the performance shirt deadline, cotton will have to do this time) and was excited to learn that the run was organized by Crossroads Church went to a school they were funding in Uganda.

I went out for packet pickup for the night before and got put through the ringer picking up 4 different peoples stuff.

The morning of the race everyone met at my house and we headed out around 7:15. The temperature outside was pretty cold and with a damp mist/ fog in the air it was perfect weather for running. We lucked out and got a parking spot right in front of the church and I set out to find the start line. Everyone huddled indoors trying to stay warm before the race, I was excited and had set a personal goal of 50 minutes, which I felt was reasonable and achievable with 8:00 minute miles.

The race went fairly well going out somewhat slow on the first mile and increasing the pace throughout the race as I warmed up. This was the first time I had run since the marathon and around the halfway mark I began running out of gas. I knew that I would have no problem running the distance, whether I would be able to make my goal time was another question. The course setup was motivating in that you had 3 out and back loops where you ran down a road and turned around running back past the other people behind you, or in my case running and seeing lots of people ahead of me including seeing the race leader at one point, who finished about 15 minutes ahead of me.

I did it, my goal time of 50 minutes (I really wanted 48:00) was achieved and I felt as if the binge eating I would partake in later that day was somewhat justified. Tim my friend who ran with me and claimed to have not run in over a month finished much faster with a time in the 42's, pretty quick!

The race day stats mile splits, etc.


Mellow Johnny's Oakley Full Finger Gloves

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Limited production run by Oakley of 300 only available at Mellow Johnny's bike shop in Austin, Texas.

Trying to work some magic to get some of these.


Thanksgiving Break and Turket Trot

Monday, November 23, 2009

Came home for Thanksgiving Break today and excited about maybe running a 10K on Turkey day. It never hurts to burn some extra calories before consuming a ton and I'm in hopes of getting a bunch of my friends to come out and run as well. Not much else is going on, feeling the holidays in the air and found this awesome Garmin ad that I thought was awesome!


Richmond Marathon Photos

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've certainly looked better in photos and kinda wish I had Triumphantly raised my hands at the time.


Power of the Bike

The power of cycling is incredible and after taking part in cross country cycling trip to raise awareness for people with disabilities, I have a special respect for the employees of specialized for riding 650 miles through the desert for THE Susan G. Komen foundation.

Enjoy this awesome video about the ride.


Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Suntrust Richmond Marathon

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Richmond Marathon and More

Monday, November 16, 2009

Been another busy week as my Blog post's seem to become spaced further and further apart. Visited Orlando this week and had an enjoyable stay, even though I never left the airport. It would be a nice place to live with the opportunity to ride year round but again, I seem to find myself in the same dilemma as Eastern Texas though without any mountains or anything resembling a hill within a few hundred mile radius. I did find this sweet advertisement in the airport shopping mall and this sweet book that is a must read for all twitter-holics.

I wonder if this one made Oprah's Book Club?

This weekend I traveled to Richmond, VA for the Suntrust Marathon supposedly "America's Friendliest Marathon" and can't say I'd beg to differ after the weekend, not that I have much to compare it to however. I must say I was slightly nervous about the race since my longest run prior to the race was 14.3 miles. I traveled early Friday afternoon to Richmond and went through the packet pickup which is always a fun environment. After resisting the temptation to buy gear at discounted prices I made my way through the bib and shirt pickup and headed to my aunt Julie's.

It was cool that my whole family decided to do the race!

The next morning we headed downtown for the start of the race and lined up in the corals for the start of the 8k. After seeing the family off I headed to the Marriot to stay warm before my race and think about the huge feat I was about to undertake. Around 7:40 I checked my bag and headed to find my pace group in my coral, the pace leader was wearing a huge green mad hatter hat which would make him easy to keep an eye on during the race. At 8:00AM the race was off and I knew for the next 4 hours I would be running.

The course was nice and running with so many people made it easy to stay motivated. As the race progressed I felt great, drinking water for the first hour and switching between powerade and water every other water stop. Around 13 I felt fine but the reality that I was only half way began to set in and I believe this is where my decline began. After running along the river for several miles the temperature dropped and with the wind my temperature began to drop, nearing 16 and crossing the bridge I battled tough winds with no one around to block the wind. At mile 17 is where I fell apart having the first sign of cramping and thoughts of not making my goal time of 4 hours. I was excited that when I crossed the time check at 20 miles I was still on pace despite my stopping to stretch between miles 18-20, with a time of 3:06:19. At mile 22 it really fell apart as my hamstring cramped and I found myself lying on the side of the road in the grass in agonizing pain. After stretching for what seemed to be an eternity I continued to run, stopping about every 3/4 of a mile to stop and stretch. With the finish in mind I pushed through the pain and had an awesome last mile and a half, finishing with a time of 4:13:30.

 I felt terrible right after but managed to demolish 2 pieces of pizza, a bagel, a few drinks, and various other snacks in a few minutes following the race.

I've been recovering and wondering why I chose an apartment on the 4th floor, as stairs seem to be the main cause of pain these days.


Lots of new things

Monday, November 9, 2009

A lot has been happening in the past week including a trip to Houston. Houston seems like a great area and would be an awesome place to live, the only down side is that the mountain biking scene is pretty scarce because lets face it...Houston is flat...Bummer! After returning to Blacksburg the majority of my Saturday was spent setting up for a weekend of racing, the cycling team was hosting the annual Tech Cross. The weekend consisted of two days of racing, Saturday night under the lights with races beginning at 5PM and running until 10:30, and a set of day races the following morning. I decided to race Saturday night and it was a blast. I raced Men's Collegiate C's since the B race did not have a longer race and I thought the field would be more fun in the C's. The race went well, I went hard out of the whole shot and found myself in 3rd with two Tech riders behind me. The race progressed well and I felt good and managed to secure third with about 2 laps left in the race. Racing under the lights is certainly a bit risky as visibility was low and the course can be hazardous in the day, let alone if you don't know it and race at night. It was a fun time and I really enjoyed the race.

The parts of the race that weren't under the rec field lights were guided by Christmas lights, it did make for a dizzying effect but was pretty cool when you were watching!

An off-camber turn that a lot of folks found themselves on the ground by, probably the trickiest part of the entire coarse and having a flash go off when you're riding it makes it more difficult!

T-minus 5 days until the Richmond Marathon, I'm excited and nervous, can't wait to see how it turns out!

The Cadillac Ranch got painted yellow and stenciled LIVESTRONG on all the Cadillacs, pretty sweet!
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Calling All Doctors!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I have been diagnosed with Senioritis.

  • Symptoms: Lack of motivation to do any work, continuous day dreaming and lack of all reality, and worst of all dream and read about bicycles all day!
  • Recommended treatment: Focus on school work! .....and lots of care packages
  • Consequences: If illness is not treated severe cases may lead to repeat senior years or possible academic suspension.

Hopefully I get over this soon.

Sweet video of guys who just met from all over the to ride on track bikes from London to Paris.


Halloween Festivities!

Halloween is always a special time of year for college students. It's the one opportunity for students to dress however they want, in most case wearing next to nothing (both male and female) and not worry about the repercussions or walking around scantily clad all night. Maybe it's that I'm just getting older and more boring but my evening of carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds, and watching "The Proposal" with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock was plenty enough to keep me fulfilled. I chose to carve my pumpkin with a logo from this summer that doubles as a bicycle and the letters of my fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi.

The logo I used:

which was also here:

My pumpkin:

Michelle and I had an awesome time carving the pumpkins and while I'm not one to brag, I did freehand the design while she used a printout of her Hokie Bird. In her defense the only reason I freehanded the pumpkin is because my good friend bragged that he had and I couldn't go letting him have all the fun! I chose a white pumpkin when we went to pumpkin patch because it was the first time I had ever seen them, apparently they're a defective because my pumpkin was only $4!




and a crazy overexposed picture:

This weekend I also decided that I would move my love seat from my living room into my bedroom to prepare winter indoor riding on the trainer.

......the only problem is that I have yet to acquire a trainer, nor do I have the means to purchase one, however just in preparation this space!

I'm thoroughly looking forward to being done with the marathon in two weeks. Although my training regime hasn't been the most strict, I been having increasing amounts of pain in my left room that seems to disappear while running but hurt all the comes rushing back as soon as I stop. No big deal....hopefully it'll heal itself and doesn't keep me from reaching my goal time of 4 hours.

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