2 Hour Endurance Ride

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I completed my first "power based" workout this morning, a 2.5 hour endurance ride. The endurance zone is considered to be 69-75% of the functional threshold power, in my case this range is 137-146 watts. I continue to increase my time in the saddle but today had to take a few breaks during the ride to give my body (certain anatomical areas) a rest. Tonight I updated the firmware on my Garmin watch and hopefully will figure out whats causing inaccuracies in distance with the 310XT data, as today's data says I completed 60 miles in 2:15, not happening.

Today's ride entailed a 15 minute warm-up at <56% of FTP or 109 watts followed by 2 hours of 69-75% of FTP and a 15 minute cool down at <56%. Unfortunately I had the ride cut short by a dentist appointment but managed to get 1:45 in of the 69-75% of FTP, totaling the ride at 2:15. I got off the bike a few times to refill my bottles and another time to stop for a restroom break, but when I got back the PowerTap didn't pick up the HRM and I had to search for it, which represent the two large missing sections of HR from the PT data.

Today was also extremely busy but I managed to get to Spokes Etc. and pick up some Assos Chamois creme, amazing stuff.

Tonight I cooked lamb for the first time, came out pretty well and will definitely be cooking it again maybe trying some different recipes.


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