Christmas Parade and DT Blacksburg

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tonight marked the opening of the new Blacksburg Farmers Market, replacing the existing parking lot that transformed into a makeshift market on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The new market sitting on the corner of Draper Rd. and Roanoke St. features a new structure with tables that allows vendors to set up their displays with access on both sides. Having the opportunity to view the construction progress out of my window daily It's nice to see the final product in use and the reassuring feeling that the annoying noise associated with the construction will be coming to a halt.

I fell in love with this bicycle and took about 20 shots of it trying to get just the right one, it really fit the downtown scene and market atmosphere. Too perfect to pass up, and a darn good looking bike.

Tonight was also the annual Blacksburg Holiday parade which drew an even larger crowd to the new farmers market and really made downtown the Happening place for the evening. Michelle and I met a very nice lady who stood with us during the parade. The small town feeling of a holiday parade is very special and something I hope to have when I'm settled down. The night was picture perfect and while my photography skills are amateur I'll post what I got in hopes of advice on how to get better results at night.

Alirght this one was blurry on purpose, can you guess what it is?


Temperatures were chilly and made hot chocolate an absolutely delightful dessert to a perfect evening with warm milk of course, the only real way to make hot chocolate.

On a recent trip to NY Lance had several guest appearances including an interview on CNN about media scrutiny and the current Tiger Woods debacle.

He also appeared on The Daily Show with John Stewart

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