Day 2 - Trip to NY - Getting Acquainted

Monday, January 4, 2010

With lots of plans for the day including a few museums and some must see attractions Michelle and I woke up early and headed out into the big city. Apparently in NY the metro is called the “subway” I guess it’s the whole “below ground” thing that makes it the subway. We took the 6 uptown and got off at 86th street, just a few blocks from The Met. Students get in for half price and with plans to walk through central park and meet Michelle’s sister for lunch at 12:30, we did an abbreviated tour of the museum.

After the Met we began our long walk from the museum to 49th street where we had planned to meet Lauren and her fiancĂ© for REAL New York pizza. We decided to take the scenic route and swing through central park, after checking that off the list we returned back out to 5th avenue and saw the apple store from afar. For lunch we had Bella Napolli’s New York pizza which lived up to all of my expectations of what NY pizza should be like.

After lunch we headed to the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) thanks to TJ’s corporate pass we got in FREE which is rare for anything in NY. The MOMA was packed due to the large influx of travelers for New Years Eve. Although the museum was crowded we enjoyed all the exhibits we saw and really got a kick out of this sign:

Apparently if you touch the Jeep exhibit you may lose fingers, seems a little harsh to me but what do I know.

We called it quits at the MOMA after a few hours and headed out into the refreshing and brisk New York air towards Nike Town, one of the highlights of the trip.

I was quite taken aback when we arrived. I expected a big Nike store but nothing could have prepared me for 6 stories of awesomeness! The store was head to toe shoes, running apparel, and every athlete’s playground. The first floor had an exhibit which I found quite hilarious and snagged a photo since I know the display won’t be around much longer.

Sorry Tiger

The coolest thing about the store was the shoe transport system from the warehouse. Image a bank drive through with the air tubes but now replace the money with shoes!

Upstairs there was an entire section of LiveStrong gear and a section for the kiddo’s too!

Lance Photo

Kids Shoes

On the very top floor they had the NikeI.D. studio which was by appointment only. A Nike employee helps you design your shoes on a Mac which samples of colors and materials, definitely will do this if I go back!

Michelle and I also stopped by the Red store where I picked up two pairs of the Product (RED) shoelaces; Lace up. Save Lives.

Lace Up. Save Lives.

On our loop back we hit up Times Square and braved the craziness the day before NYE, it was still packed but managed a few cool photos.

Times Square Photos

We headed 6 blocks south and hopped on the metro back to 28th street, but not before stopping to admire Grand Central.

Finally ended an awesome day with some excellent Indian food at Bhatti, located on Murry Hill, which is nicknamed “Curry Hill.”

Closing Shot of the Empire State Building lit up for the holiday season.


Anonymous ,  January 5, 2010 at 4:24 AM  

thanks for the update.... Was really looking forward to seeing and reading it!! Sounds like an awesome trip.

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