How to use Yaktrax!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blacksburg, VA sits at 2,080' according to Wikipedia and is perfectly situated for winter storms and incliment weather. Last weekend while I was home I picked up a pair of Pro Yakrax, the higher of the two models offered by Yaktrax, a company based out of Seattle, WA who promises "Confidence on Packed Snow and Ice." The Pro model are described as "for more active winter enthusiasts" compared to their lower-end Walker model. Follow them on Yatrax Twitter!

I figured that since I bought them it wouldn't snow for the rest of the season and I would never have a chance to try them out with my likely move to Florida this summer. I'm glad I was wrong though because early week rumors of snow were running rampant and I was hopeful I'd have an opprotunity to try them out.

The warning issued by the national weather service is below:

10-14" inches is perfectly adequate to try out my new Yaktrax and once the snow began falling it was only a matter of time.

After grabbing an excellent brunch at Gillies it was time to head off to the shop for an afternoon of work. I decided I'd take a few photos of this exciting moment and document it.

1. Pretty self explanatory, buy Yaktrax! (I bought mine at EMS, who I'm ticked off at right now because they went on sale 3 days after I bought them!)

2. Remove from box

3. Identify which end of the Yaktrax says Toes, that part goes on the front of your shoes / boots.

4. Pull the back over your heel and fasten velcro strap, and enjoy the comfort of traction without big bulky boot! (Shown on my shop work boots though!)

Safely descending stairs!

5. Go out in the snow and play without worry!

More to come on them as I use them more / run in them!


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