Friday, January 15, 2010

Today marked the last Friday before classes start (next Tuesday) and therefore my last free Friday. The commotion out on the street tells me the students are back (sigh), I really enjoy Blacksburg when its quiet and tame. The big giveaway that students were back and classes were about to start is in the photo below.

Shot this on my lunch break today:

Three beer trucks parked outside of my apartment today loading up for the big parties the weekend before classes start. I also received some mail yesterday that was pretty exciting.

Both my collegiate and category 5 licenses arrived motivating me to get ready for the upcoming season, which starts in less than a month, yikes!

A preview of this seasons schedule:

2009 - 2010 Road Schedule
Feb. 13-14 NC State
Feb. 20-21 Wake Forest
Feb. 27-28 Navy
Mar. 6-7 William and Mary
Mar. 13-14 NC State
Mar. 20 -21 UVA / VCU
Mar. 27-28 ACCC Rest Weekend(Jeff Cup)
Apr. 3-4 App State
Apr. 10-11 West Virginia
Apr. 17-18 Conference Championships: Virginia Tech

which includes racing almost every weekend throughout the semester, Sweet!

Lastly I'm really toying with the idea of picking up this new scale, the Tanita BC-1000 (Body Composition). I've been wanting this scale since I got my 310XT this fall and have recently been more inclined to purchase the scale to monitor my fitness levels. It's incredible, it wirelessly transfers your BMI, hydration level, daily caloric intake, basal metabolic rate and more to my watch or nearby computer using Ant+ technology. The only downside is it's $280


Rainmaker January 19, 2010 at 11:39 PM  

The BC-1000 is pretty cool. The pro's are the wireless transfer and inability to fudge numbers. One con though is the lack of display on the unit itself, which means quick weight checks pre/post workouts are tough. Not only because you have to have a watch, but more importantly because the data is then automatically recorded.

I'm up in the air with respect to whether or not I'll purchase one post-trial unit...

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