Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm not sure whether I was counting sheep or flying in the clouds when I was abruptly awoken at 3:40AM Sunday morning to the sound of....drip....drip....drip. I sat up to figure out what the source of the dripping sound was only to find out that my roof was leaking right over my bed.

The source

In hind sight this was probably the best of possible places as it woke me up and allowed me to fix / improve the situation as opposed to dripping on my laptop all night or on something else. After quickly pulling my mattress off my bed I went to work finding anything and everything in my apartment capable of holding water and minimizing damage. Plastic Tupperware, trashcans, and even a cooler were used to catch melting snow from my roof; paper towels were placed in each to minimize the noise of the Chinese water torture dripping.

Everything but the kitchen sink
(thought about it)

My mattress was moved to the center of my living room and after trying to minimize damage as much as possible I returned to counting sheep.

Not a bad picture almost 4AM if I say so myself

And yes if you're curious I did pick up my camera at 3:51 AM and took pictures of the entire event as it unfolded. The pictures are more for my records in case my rental company tries to pull some "Water damage from the ceiling b.s." and also to illustrate my story.

Sleeping in late was well justified and the rest of my day was spent at the formula shop trying to finish my seat mold.

The exciting part of my day came around 6PM when it was time for my first Triathlon training practice, which happened to be swimming at the aquatics center. It's not that I'm a terrible swimmer....It's more like I'm a rock that you throw in a pool and I sink. In all reality it wasn't really that terrible. Our group of 10-15 adults were divided in 3 lanes and allowed to swim back and forth while the coaches observed us and put us in our respective experience lanes. I wound up in the middle, the first lane could either barely swim or took them about twice as long to go a length as it did for me to make a lap. After only 20 minutes of swimming I was pretty beat but decided to one more 50m to feel good about the night. Coach Kelly told me to try connecting my 50's into a 100m but I couldn't seem to find the energy after 10-12 laps. I did enjoy myself though and really look forward to more structured workouts with our respective lanes coming up.

Other than that not too much really happened in the burg, other than 12" of snow!


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