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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been a very long week here in Blacksburg with an overwhelming amount of school work and trying to get some quality saddle time in as well. Monday began with a nice spin as an active recovery ride from Sunday's race. I kept the power below 55% of FTP (~200W) and heart rate below 68% of peak.

Monday - Active recovery ride at less than 55% FTP

Tuesdays workout was interval based in preparation for this weekends prologue (a Prologue is a short time trial) at Wake Forest, that will proceed the road race on Saturday. I did 4x5 min. intervals at about 110% to 125% of FTP. The first interval was a little high compared to the other three, meaning I might have gone out to hard, but it was a good workout and my first time doing "a real" interval workout.

Tuesday - 4x5 min. intervals

Wednesday I went to TriAdventure swim practice and just felt exhausted, I was so sleep deprived/ burnt out that I just got out of the pool 3/4 of the way through the workout and decided I'd had enough.

Thursday was a bit more productive of a day with a trip to Lynchburg for school and a quick evening ride at endurance pace with a few 110% - 1:30 efforts.

Thursday - Endurance ride with a 110% efforts

Today I had the opportunity to get outside and ride with the awesome weather we had. A SAYG (slow as your grandmother) ride with the team at a very relaxed pace for about 18 miles.

Fridays - SAYG Ride

Excited about this weekend, Pre-race report coming shortly...


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