Not as many 180's or Wazoo's - UVA/VCU Day 2

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another lesson learned today:

Don't go too early... but you'll never know what you have in the tank if you don't try.

Today began early with an unwelcome alarm at 6:15 that was snoozed again and again finally pulling myself off the floor (host housing) at 6:30ish. Another light breakfast with bagel and cereal and the team headed north for another day of parking lot criterium racing. I love getting up early and being on the road before the rest of the world, which is especially easy on Sunday's when most folks are sleeping in. A quiet and peaceful morning drive with a gorgeous sunrise set an awesome tone for the day.

My favorite picture of the weekend.

More of the sun from this mornings drive.

King Dominion, well sortof we were pretty close.

One nice thing about racing the same location/course is that you know what to expect and the nerves were calmed allowing me to have a more relaxed morning. The course was changed slightly from yesterday with two U-turn's or 180's (6 turns total) compared to yesterday's 4-180's (total of 8 turns). To mix up the course even more the direction of the race was reversed in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Men's D field, it was tid-bit-nipply this morning during their race.

After watching our Men's D field be splintered by several hard attacks I was feeling very confident about today's race and my ability to do well. Around 10 I began getting dressed and had adequate time today to get in a full warm-up with about 30 minutes on the trainer. After my warm-up I rode the course once more before grabbing a spot on the line at the start. The race began faster then yesterday with the field strung out single file for the first 5 or so laps before finally settling into a more managable pace before primes began. I sat close to the front for most of the race and found great lines that allowed me to pass gain several places through the corners. One thing I learned from this weekend is that I'm comforatable leaning my bike ALOT further than most of the guys in my field, maybe this is a bad thing but I think cyclocross vastly improved my bike handling and cornering.

I decided to stay reserved today and not bother with primes keeping my mind on the important lap, the last one. With three laps to go a Maryland rider, who's a huge dude...atleast 6' 3", made a big move after the prime and Justin and I followed, we had a decent gap and I gave everything I had to stay away, but fell apart on the with a few hundred meters to go. On the last lap I sat up hoping the field would stay behind me and give Justin more room alone with Maryland rider, after several riders went around me I decided to kick it to the finish with a sprint passing another riding edging him out of the top ten, securing 10th for myself.

Men's C results, two top ten finishes this week for me.

In conclusion, I learned what I had left and that it may be better for me in the future to stay with the group, seeing as the winner didn't follow the attack with 3 to go and came from behind the field.

Power Data from the race, including warm-up and warm-down.

On a side note, a sweet photo emerged from yesterday on photo stream by the ex-conference director.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Stornetta.
Kinda sweet to have a photo of all three of us together in the race.

I went out on a nice long cool down today totaling 25 miles for the warm-up, race, and warm-down. Not a bad day and end to a decent week on the bike. As for the rest of the team, we didn't do as well as yesterday but one highlight is that Justin Crawford went for it all with about 5 laps to go in the Men's A race behind John Crow from NC State who CRUSHED the field, Justin held off the field finishing second.

Justin crossing the line for second place throwing up a modest salute.

No race weekend would be complete without a stop at Chipotle, after all we cyclist burn alot of calories and love us some burritos.

Chipotle, the fuel of cyclists!

The results from the rest of the fields (minus Men's A) are below:

Men's D results.

Women's B results.

Men's B results.

I have now completed 7 of 10 mass start races for my category 4 upgrade. I think I may do a few races as a 5 and then upgrade after I begin my new job and move. This week will be dedicated to preparing for my triathlon, Stoked!


Unknown March 22, 2010 at 4:54 AM  

Fantastic updates.... Congrats on the two top 10's!! Good Luck this weekend.... hopefully the first of many successfully completed Tris.

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