Return from training hiatus + VCU/UVA Race Weekend Preview

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not positive if it's the most miles I've logged in a week since this past summer, which is pretty embarrassing if it is, but this week was a pretty decent week for me training wise. Monday I continued my binge eating without repercussions mentality as I readjusted to my school schedule of not having classes (man do I love senior year). Tuesday I had a gorgeous ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway beginning and ending at Mill Mountain just outside Roanoke.

Wednesday marked the return of Blacksburg Wednesday Worlds, a weekly race ride put on by most of the locals that includes a pre-determined route and a group of B's who are chased by A riders with a slight time advantage, needless to say we don't last very long. The ride was very difficult for me because it's much different than most race scenarios where we're riding 40 deep and everyone just kinda sits there. This ride is much different with a blistering fast pace, rotating pacelines, and open roads at high speed which somewhat scares me. The ride ended with a 3-mile climb of Harding Ave., a pretty narly climb here in town that the man, Lance Armstrong himself, averaged some ridiculous pace up like 15 or 17 MPH, or something ridiculous. The power file for the Wednesday Worlds is below:

Power Data from Wednesday Worlds.

Today I only managed to get out for a short ride at the end of the day and ran out of sunlight towards the end but still managed to get about 15 miles in or so. I enjoy being out on the bike especially on a day like today, even for an hour it's great to simply get away from it all. Power from today below and the details from on Garmin Connect Here.

Power Data from tonights ride.

My Thursday night ride made, just a quick loop around Blacksburg.

Tomorrow the team leaves for a race weekend hosted by both UVA and VCU. The race will be in Richmond on Saturday and Sunday, both races being criteriums with a slight change in course. One goal for me this season is to upgrade from a Category 5 to a Cat. 4, which can be accomplished by completing 10 mass start races (with a minimum start field...details...details). This weekends races will put me at 7 races for the season, only three short of the ten I need and may allow me to race up for the last race weekend of the season.

I've embedded two videos from previous race weekends which Nick Shoemaker has put together.

The race flyer can be found here, and below the course preview for both crits.

Stoked for crits. this weekend!

Few small other notes:

T-minus 9 days until Smithfield triathlon, Oh Boy! (Be expecting a sweet pic. of my outfit and transition practice soon)

Return to Hot Yoga tomorrow!

Thats all for now more to come post weekend, hopefully sooner than the W&M-sketchy-sketchy-crashfest post which took me nealry 2 weeks to right, better late than never though.


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