Spring Break = Binge eating and not exercising.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This past week was a "rest" week for me which was actually more of a eat everything in sight and not ride at all type week. Monday began with a trip to my local shop, Spokes Etc. where I was once a bike builder and shop associate; I had the mechanics look at my rear from from Sunday's Sketchy-Sketchy-Crashfest-Road-Race, which left my wheel tweaked and a little out of true. I did manage to get a run in Monday afternoon, this was my first run in a month and my legs felt like lead. A fairly casual run but still seeing what I had in the tank and how fast I could push in preparation for my first triathlon in two weeks. The skinny from the Garmin Here:

The route if you're familiar with the area.

The splits, obviously the last split is my warm down.

Tuesday, my mom and I went down to Georgetown and walked around enjoying the beautiful weather after DC's horrendous winter, the second 60+ day for the DC area this year. While down there we made a stop at Georgetown Cupcake, basically heaven on earth. I enjoyed a delicious mocha cupcake which made it all of about 3 feet from the door before I devoured it in two bites; two bites because I'm well mannered. My mom waited until she got home to enjoy the amazingness of her coconut cupcake.

Making a decision was the toughest part and even though I pigged out all week I managed to have enough self control to only get one.


Mocha and Coconut...Yum.

Wednesday, I went to Ida Lee Aquatics center in Leesburg, VA and got a swim workout in with the intention of making a brick workout on the trainer after. The staff wouldn't allow me to set up my trainer inside, silly insurance rules, and it was beginning to rain outside so I wussed out. I didn't feel like sitting on the trainer in a parking lot getting soaked, instead I went to PF Chang's with the rents and Michelle and continued my week of binge eating without repercussions, until next week that is.

Michelle arrived Wednesday morning for a two night stay. Thursday I had the brilliant idea to dust off my sisters old bike in the garage and put some air in the tires so that Michelle and I could go for a ride. Let me preface this next section by a brief background on the Michelle and the bike "situation." It's kinda like pulling teeth... of a angry hippopotamous that is, but I managed after 15 months to finally get Michelle on a bike and without accidents I'm happy to report. A quick test ride down the street and I decided we could managed a trail for an hour or so. I loaded up the bikes and headed north towards Maryland, crossing the Potomac at Whites Ferry.

Michelle survived the test ride without an spills, I was impressed!

I always enjoyed riding this particular ferry as a kid and this was the first time I've taken it since I could drive, it wasn't everything I remembered it to be, but still felt the need to document anyways.

The trip across to MD. For this photo I stayed in the car.

A shot of my ride as we went were on the ferry through the sunroof.

A few notes about the ride, I decided that the C&O Canal would a be great trail for us to ride because during the middle of the week it's low traffic. One thing I didn't realize is that the scenery where we were riding was pretty terrible, with tree's and gravel as the best views. I also had the terrible idea of putting a cooler in my messenger bag and biking to a nice location for a picnic, except there are not nice spots to stop and have a picnic so instead we biked back and had a picnic where we began. After lunch we racked the bikes again and took a quick tour of Poolesville, MD stopping by my aunt and uncles, who were unfortuantely not home before heading back.

Waiting for the ferry to come back before heading home to VA.

Friday morning my new helmet arrived which I ordered from Pricepoint.com, $70 off MSRP is never a bad deal in the cycling world and was much needed due to the crack in my 3 year old Giro Eclipse.

Friday afternoon Michelle headed south towards Richmond and I headed north to Philly for Journey of Hope reunion, more about that to come...


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