Wednesday = Hump day

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halfway through the week...well almost. The week has gone less than smooth so far, but instead of ranting and raving about poor me and bad days, I'll simply post my ride data and look forward to an awesome weekend of ACC Cycling in Boone, NC at Appalachian State.

Monday I got a nice ride in except for the mother (or Queen I suppose) of all Bee's stinging me on the hip and it swelling to ridiculously large proportions, other than that minor detail and getting soaked in the rain it was pretty decent.

Blogger is being stupid, so here's the PowerData from Monday's river ride:

I decided I would head west toward Craig Springs, the site of the VT road race in a few weeks to do some reconissance. I pre-drove the route before the ride to make sure I knew where I was going and wasn't just aimlessly riding looking for a turn that would never come. It's incredible the difference in driving and pedaling my fat butt up a hill or small undulation. Anyways the course is significantly longer than the race flyer states, which rumors each lap to be 15.1 miles, both my Garmin and PowerTap recorded 19 miles (18.95 and 19.19 respectively).

PowerData from Tuesdays Maggie Valley ride:

It was a gorgeous day but pretty windy so I wound up only doing one lap of the course. The cell phone pictures below are pretty blurry because my phone was in my back pocket and sweaty.

Tonight I'll attempt Wednesday Worlds in an effort to not get dropped. Other than that a few small other notes from this week:

  1. Training peaks - WKO Software doesn't run on a Mac, Cruddy.
  2. My bike is pissssed at me...and needs some serious work.
  3. School is ever consuming and I have unfortunately been slacking on both this blog as well as riding.
  4. My hip looks like road rash from a bee sting, really?
  5. I found some cool shots from GWCycling2006 on Webshots from the VCU/UVA weekend as well as NAVY, but Webshots doesn't have a Mac desktop application and therefore pictures can't be downloaded, so sorry for snagging your shots...but I tried I really did.
Pictures from Navy and VCU/UVA weekends:


Nick manning it up infront of me.

Notice there's still snow on the ground!

UVA/VCU Day 2:

I found the outside line really worked for me.

I love this photo, the John Hopkins guys is looking over at me as I'm passing him in the sprint for the finish and GW is wondering if I'm coming for him too.

So I only wound up getting the John Hopkins guy.

Hopefully I'll manage to get a race preview of this weekend at Appalachian State unlike last weekends race preview + race report Smithfield Triathlon.


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