Week in review: A bust.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Epic fail.

That was the theme of this week and getting out on the bike, logging miles, and....oh that thing called training, yeah, didn't happen. Monday came and went before I even knew it began; between being locked out of my apartment for the entire day, running errands after being out of town for YET another weekend, and the stresses of life I failed to get in a SAYG ride or even make the team meeting. The one productive thing I accomplished Monday was receiving an email from a friend that she had taken two pictures of me from the race weekend, very productive.

Pictures by: Janet Rost

Tuesday I managed slightly better than Monday, attempting my first brick workout in preparation for this weekends triathlon, "Man, Am I in trouble." So the entire time I've been saying to myself: "how hard could it be; I ride pretty often and I've been a runner for a long time, I mean how hard could it be to do one after the other." Well Tuesdays workout shut me up pretty quickly. I began with a nice warm-up on the bike simply because I figured if I was going to do an extended effort I probably shouldn't just go right into it. After my warm-up I rode around 200 Watts for 20 minutes. I'm hoping the ride takes me less than 27 minutes, but we'll see how things unfold.

Riding on the trainer, pre-beard-shave.

My silly PowerTap head unit was being funny, so I only have data from the Garmin 310XT, which I finally figured out how to use in multi-sport mode just in time for this weekend.

Silly PowerTap head unit. The next day, it turned on. What Gives?

Garmin PowerData with heart rate.

After I finished my effort on the trainer I hopped directly off my bike, threw on my running clothes (tights and a long sleeve pullover since it was cold out) and out the door for a run. At first I thought to myself, this isn't so bad my legs feel great, and then about a half mile into my run there is a nice long gradual hill that made my legs HURT. After I recovered from the intense burning sensation that was controlling my lower body, I picked up the pace and pushed hard completing a nearly 3 mile loop.

Trying to push it a little.

In the pain cave.

Mile splits from Garmin 310XT, so this weekends run may be...interesting.

One thing that frustrates me with the 310XT is the fact that it take's a good while for the satelites to acquire, which generally means the first part of my run isn't recorded. So even though it shows 2.3 miles, it's really more like 2.65 says this run.

Wednesday I woke up early and practiced transitions at the track on campus. This was my first and only transition practice for the triathlon, so hopefully I have the kinks worked out, otherwise Saturday morning may not go smoothly. I practiced over and over running up to my bike, goggle and cap down. Next glasses and helmet w/ buckle on, grab my bike and hop on. I can't decide whether or not I'm going to leave my shoes clipped in or simply put them on before getting on the bike. I really don't want to risk eating it leaving the transition area because I was trying to look cool.

My Mock transition area.

Mock transition area - I'm open to suggestions.

Wednesday Afternoon Reid Beloni's weekly ACC race weekend recap was posted on VeloNews.com and another one of my photo's was used. Read the full article Here.

My photo on VeloNews

I did have an opportunity Wednesday evening to ride out to Blacksburg Airport (the reason I have been so busy all week, VT Motorsports FSAE) and hung out with some cows and snagged this awesome shot.

Thursday followed suit with the rest of the week, not enough time in the day to get a decent ride in.

Farm near Airport Rd. in Blacksburg.

Tomorrow a race weekend preview for my Smithfield Sprint!

Oh yeah...pre and post shave.


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