ACCC Weekend Preview - Appalachian State - Boone, N.C.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ACC teams will head south this weekend to Boone, N.C. for a weekend of racing at Appalachian State. The weekend will begin with the Hell of the High Country, or Boone-Roubaix including course descriptions like Petit, Moderee, Plus Moderee, and Grand Parcours with various distances of 18, 35, 44, and 69 miles respectively. The courses will vary based on category including number of climbs and distances from 1km to 8km of grueling unpaved gravel. Sunday will feature the Boone Mall Criterium, a 1km parking lot course with sweeping chicanes. Full race weekend flyer Here.

Boone-Roubaix description.

I'll be heading down early with Reid to pre-ride sections of Saturdays course and make a very necessary stop at Stick Boy Bread Company for delicious cookies, continuing my habit of proper race fuel prior to race weekends.

With the likely return of the Navy armada from their absence at VCU/UVA criterium, the fields will be full for what is sure to be a challenging and painful course. Tech will be traveling 17 Hokies strong with promising finishes in Men's A with Reid and Justin Crawford, and Matt Dockins and Mike Breitenbach in Men's B. More exciting is that the team will be unveiling the full team kit this weekend as we received an early shipment from Funkier of bibs.

Sneak peak!

The race director put together a nice video to preview the weekend:

In other news Wednesday Worlds, a local weekly race ride, happened again last night with more success than the previous week. I fared pretty well on the way out until double pulls in the pace line thanks to Mr. Reagan surging past the front of line did me in, I fell off the back but managed to bridge myself and another rider from Rogues Racing back before relaxing the last 3 miles until the turn around. On the return I did pretty well and finished up the hill around 8th or 9th, my best finish so far.

PowerData from Wednesday Worlds.

I'm stoked for the weekend an hopefully another good finish, more to come.


Unknown April 1, 2010 at 9:28 PM  

Ha sorry about that surging at WW! Good luck this weekend!

PS you linked to Justin Crawford's blog but wrote Justin Morrison, think you meant to write Crawford haha

Nick April 2, 2010 at 5:39 AM  

Good luck this weekend.

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