Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had this clever idea of posting why cycling hasn't been a priority in my life over the past 4 months and how I've been busy focusing on other things like graduating college, moving to Alabama, or starting a new job. I realized that these are simply all excuses, and bad ones at that for why I have been lazy, worthless, and out of shape.

It's not that I haven't been on the bike....It's that I haven't been on the bike very often. I have however been on the in plural. In May after graduating college, I finally gave into the temptation of purchasing a new ride, I bought a mountain bike.

Updated!Picture coming soon.
2010 Specialized Epic Comp.

My fitness is gone and I'm starting from the bottom once again, but with an end goal in mind this time...not saying what that is yet but there's one, it involves the word elite and the state of Florida.

To prove I haven't been as lazy as everyone out there in blogger land may thing, here are a few rides from the past few weeks...but really it's like all of my rides from the past few weeks.

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Group Rides. Desoto State Park

My second week group ride with the Fort Payne Cycling Club

My first ride with the Fort Payne Cycling Club

Yesterday evening I went out with the intention of getting in a longer ride. I planned on at least 50 but more in the neighborhood of 65-70. I had planned my route so I could fill water at gas stations along the way and was making good time at just under ~20 avg. for the first hour when I heard that sound that we all know.


The result after hearing a deafening POW!!!

Maybe it was but I didn't think this one was ridable and didn't want to waste two tubes and 2 CO2's to find out!

Yup, shredded my tire and having moved to a new area I had very few people to call, fortunately one of the guys that I've recently been riding with from the Fort Payne Cycling Club drove the 20 miles from town to pick my lame butt up.

Well I didn't get too far, but the first 20 miles of my ride.

Feels good to be back...kinda.


Unknown July 29, 2010 at 5:26 PM  

Um... you left out two rides! Were our rides in Blacksburg not worth posting? Just kidding, eventually our rides will be worth posting... I just need a little more practice:)

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