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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As a journalist once criticized Damien Hirst for his "Horrific Barbarity" over a bike that was ridden last year in Le Tour featuring wings removed from various varieties butterflies of, my encounter with butterflies and my bike last week is slightly less controversial.

The controversial bike in question.
Photo from TrekBikes.com

Last Thursday I was planning to go out for an easy in preparation for the weekends upcoming mountain bike race when I realized my back tire on my Madone was shot. I decided to dust off the cross bike and take it for a quick ride around town, after all cross season is quickly approaching. I followed my usual procedure of filling a bottle and putting my license and insurance card in my back pocket and set my bike outside while I went back in for my glasses. When I returned I found a huge butterfly enjoying my bike. Instead of removing it's wings I decided to grab my phone from my pocket and grab a few pictures. This isn't a plug but this was my first encounter with my iPhone4 that I really tested my camera and I was amazed by the results, have a look for yourself.

The guy/ or gal (w/e) was practially giving me a photoshoot.

Ya ya, I know bottles don't go on cross bikes but this was just a relaxing ride.

Eventually after procrastinating for about 10 minutes I finally got on my bike and pedaled on my way...without removing the wings from the butterfly Mr. Hirst!

I told you I rode, I just didn't say how hard or long.


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