Montreal - Part Deux

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After my amazing morning and afternoon with Montreal Cycle Tours I spent an hour just hanging out in Parc La Fontaine, where it felt like the beach. I really enjoy the fact that everyone takes advantage of nice weather and spends the day outside, as opposed to the states where even if it was a gorgeous day they'd all be inside watching college football. That being said the park was so crowded like a beach front it was a little overwhelming, combined with about half the folks in the park "Getting together" if you know what I mean, very Netherlands.

Parc La Fontaine, gorgeous day to relax in the parc.

So the thing to do is go to the parc on nice days, they packed in like sardines.

So as I was leaving the park and walked past theses guys water balloon fighting and being recorded and couldn't help but stop and watch. It was pretty entertain with their "Nacho Libre" 'esk customes and making fools of themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed it and fit with my leisurely pace of getting back to the hostel.

Le opponent.

I headed back to the hostel and charged up my phone and got some advice on where to head for dinner. I returned back to Schwartz's where David had pointed out on our tour. I waited nearly an hour outside in line, any finally when I was seated I sat with three Germans. Now a Toronto native the woman had her parents visiting from Germany and they spoke very little English. For the most part we conversed over dinner and she translated, I'm pretty sure the only thing they understood was the I worked for Siemens (Z-mens) and I had been to Berlin.

Small plate, really you call that a small plate?

The dinner was all it was built up to be, had the option of ordering a sandwich or a small plate, naturally I ordered the small plate which was more food and I got to build my own sandwiches. There were three options for smoked mean, lean - which was supposed to be very dry, medium - which is what I got and is most popular, and fatty - which is the best tasting but obviously the worst for you. The meal was great with fries and a dill pickle and my new German friends. After dinner I leisurely strolled through town eventually finding my way back to my hostel where I relaxed and met some more new folks.

Some sweet wall art on the way back on Prince Arthur street.

The next morning I awoke early, packed my bags and checked out of the hostel, leaving my bags in the luggage locker for the day. The morning was chilly and predicted rain so I threw my rain shell in my bag with long sleeves and headed out for a full day. I walked around the block to the closest Bixi station and picked up my sweet ride for my first trip. An important note that I overlooked was that when you rent the bike they charge you $250 (CAD) as a pre-approval in the event you don't return it. I thought you were charged $250 if you didn't return it, I was wrong. Oops.

The Canadian built Bixi bike. Internal NEXUS 3-speed hubs.

Awesome divided bike lanes so I felt pretty safe cruising around the city.

I headed back to Mr. Pinchot Boulangerie after finding an ATM and ordered a Chocolate Croissant et Almond Chocolate Croissant. I threw them in my bag and headed off to find Cafe Olympic, an amazing cafe I had found when researching best coffee in Montreal. After asking several very friendly locals I found my way to cafe Olympic and parked my bike right outside at a bike station (very convenient).

Mr. Pinchot Boulangerie. Tres Bon!

I got lost like three times but stopped when I saw this while lost, too cool to not take a picture of.

I walked into two huge projector screens showing the F1 race. Montreal has an F1 race track on their man made island from Expo 67'. I asked the woman in front of me who spoke English well what was good, she recommended the Cafe Latte and introduced herself (Erica) and invited me to join her friends outside for breakfast. Not being one to impose, I was hesitant but decided when else am I going to be in Montreal and joined her two friends for breakfast, both of whom were American as well. I met Gabe and another guy (who I can't remember his name) all three of whom now lived in Montreal and spoke fluent French. They told me about a bagel shop I had to try before leaving that part of town. After enjoying their company I told them it was time for me to head towards the race and headed on my way.

Sweet Catholic church right across from Cafe Olympic.

Definitely the best latte I had while in Montreal.

The bagels were super hot, they just came out of the oven and were def. worth the stop.

Serving since 1957.

Right as I walked out of the bagel shop I saw 5 rabbis cross the street directly in front of me. Def. Jewish neighborhood.

I remembered from the bike tour that there was a very famous Jewish part of town with AMAZING bagels and figured out I was in it. I headed to the shop and ordered what Gabe and Erica had recommended, all in French I'm proud to say an especially good thing since they spoke NO English and picked up the must have cream cheese. More in the bag and another Bixi bike rental, I headed downtown towards the race.

Le Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal, Quebec - Pro Tour Cycling race...that's a whole new post though.


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