Virginia Tech Cross - Weekend Preview + Updates

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This weekend will be kind of a "Homecoming" for me. I've been back to Tech for the past 4 weekends but going back for a home race is different. I'd really have an advantage if we were racing the same course as in the past, but this year is different. All of the emails I've been reading have said there's a monster of a hill that will most definitely be a run up. If you're anywhere near the area you should def. make it to the race as Blacksburg is gorgeous this time of year and more spectators always make things better. Race flyer HERE or register HERE.

Be forewarned however that flurries have been predicted for Saturday!

Last years Tech Cross weekend featured Saturday's "Race Under the Lights" with Christmas lights guiding some of the course. Unfortunately this year won't have any of that, but it'll be great racing at home with other Blacksburg locals and having my parents there to see me race. I do have a confession, I haven't been on my bike since last Sunday which is definitely not going to help my case, either way I'm looking forward to it.

In other news I had a package waiting for me when I got home with a bunch of Defeet stuff. I was bummed that they separated my order into two which meant I didn't get my HiViz Gloves.

A bunch of much needed Defeet gear including HiViz arm-warmers and shoe covers for my commute.

I follow a bunch of blogs using an E-reader and have been a fan of Fast Boy Cycles for a long time. Ezra is appears (never tasted) to be an amazing cook in addition to his beautiful frame building which is always incredibly photographed! He's posted a few of his recipes and last night I decided to try one, making gnocchi from scratch. I've never had it before so I don't really know what to compare it to but it turned out okay for my first attempt I think.

Boiled russet potatoes riced by being pressed through a flour sifter with a spoon.

Add an egg and some flour to hold them together.

Rolled into half-inch snakes.

Little pillows, not traditional gnocchi with the ridges but like I said I followed Ezra's recipe.

Once they floated to the top they were done and dunked in the ice bath below.

The ice bath puts them in a suspended state that allows them to be cooked or put aside for later.

A finishing touch in the pan with some EVOO and butter.


I may have gotten a little aggressive with the wrist flip and lost some of my gnocchi!

On a side note November Bicycles deal on ordering frames ends in just over two weeks (November 19th) . It's a pretty awesome price on a carbon frame, so take a look and get that order in!


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