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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today is the first day I feel relaxed since finishing up work in Fort Payne, AL last week. Now that the Christmas craze is over and all of the associated stress that comes with it is history, it was time to get out and enjoy my time off before another hectic couple weeks moving to Orlando post New Year.

Santa was really good to me this year, I suppose that means I was a good boy but he may have been confused with someone else; any who, lots of new gear means my first product review.

Ironically enough, my first review will be something I purchased myself rather than one of my new gadgets from Santa; although I must say those Elves do great work.

A few weeks ago I was doing my usual morning read when I came across this article on, well actually more a quick blurb and then a video describing a new iPhone4 case produced by BioLogic which I've embedded below. I was pretty excited to give the new case a try and ordered a case and extra mount from the store, the online store had only opened a few days before so it was neat to be one of the first orders.

Unfortunately with the timing of my move and being gone for Michelle's graduation I was worried about the case arriving after I had moved out, so I had it shipped home where I could pick it up over the holidays. As if waiting for a package to come isn't painful enough, I had to wait an extra two weeks before I had the opportunity to get it in my hands as it sat at my parents house.

Just a few quick initial thoughts before a much more detailed review in another week or so.
  • Really sturdy construction, the polycarbonate is really stiff and feels quality. Gave it a test when it took a spill at speed from my bike, more on that in the full review.
  • Not sure if I'm willing to test the "weatherproofing" on it, as I don't want to lose $300.
  • Does not allow for Wahoo or Digifit Ant+ adapters, a big minus in my book.
So keep your eye out for that review, as I think the case has a lot of promise but a few minor tweaks could make a DRASTIC improvement!

In other news a week from today I'll be in Savannah, GA on my way to Orlando, my new home. I'm welcome to the idea of warmer weather, not warm yet...but at least it will be warmer! This morning I headed out for a run, number 11 of my 100 runs 100 days challenge, the wind was brutal; even still I managed 4.75, and this afternoon I headed out for some BioLogic iPhone4 case testing. 1.5hrs in sub-freezing temps and 17-25 mph gusts wasn't fun and again...the wind was relentless.

I managed to make it back just before the snow began to fall. The first and most likely only dusting of snowing my Jeep will ever see!

Stay tuned for more!


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