Week 1 - 100 Runs 100 Days Challenge Recap

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 100 Runs 100 Days challenge started last Wednesday, so I guess it's about time I get around to writing a recap for the first 8 days and how its been going so far. Below are some totals for the first 8 days, and a little further down are some blurbs on things of interest during my runs.

Here's how it all went down:

Day 1 - 4.20 - 32:24 (Last Wednesday)
Day 2 - 4.16 - 37:31 (Thursday)
Day 3 - 3.37 - 31:32 (Friday)
Day 4 - 3.40 - 34:22 (Saturday)
Day 5 - 3.76 - 34:32 (Sunday)
Day 6 - 4.48 - 39:15 (Monday)
Day 7 - Rest Day - Finally!!!
Day 8 - 4.02 - 34:26 (Today)
Day 8 - 6.57 - 56:39 (Today)
Totals: 4:58:56 - 33.55 Miles

I'm pretty proud of the above, despite driving over 1,700 miles in the car over a period of 6 days (Thurs.-Tues.), moving out of my house, going to Michelle's graduation, 4 states, and two time zones; I still managed to find time to run everyday.

Day 1 - Wednesday December 15th (Fort Payne, AL)
Wednesday was a rough day to start off this challenge, but I dedicated a specific post to it as it was the first day of the challenge. I had intended to post it last week, but the above mentioned traveling and adventures prevented that until tonight. So you can read all about LAST Wednesday HERE if you're interested.

Day 2 -Thursday December 16th (Fort Payne, AL)
Thursday was my last day at work, basically go in say goodbye to everyone, wait for my PODS to be delivered (which they never were), and drive 400 miles North to Blacksburg, VA for Michelle's graduation. Not too much to say about the run, I ran before work and learned that it's possible to lock my Forerunner 310XT; the hard part was figuring out how to unlock it! Doh!

Day 3 - Friday December 17th (Blacksburg,VA)
I think my tweet from Last Friday says it best:
It was most certainly a Yaktrax type of run:

Day 4 - Saturday December 18th (Radford, VA)
I found a hill, a very large hill. It was big. It hurt. The Garmin data says 186 ft. elevation gain in .28 miles (1478 ft.), or average 12.5%. Ouch!

Day 5 - Sunday December 19th (Radford, VA)
Not much happened. Came across a bunch of deer who were pretty spooked by my presence. Took some photos but they came out really terrible due to low light/running while trying to take them, hopefully it doesn't make you sick as it's pretty disorienting.

Day 6 - Monday December 20th (Fort Payne, AL)
After a very long drive the night before I dragged myself out of bed early Monday morning and went for a quick run before moving out of my house. I was happy to just get up that early, which about sums up the run.

Day 7 - Tuesday December 21st (Radford/Blacksburg/Sterling, VA; 300 mile range)
REST!!! Needed it. Considered running around 8PM after I made it home but decided it was better to give my body the full day break and double up on Wednesday.

Day 8 - Today
1,700 miles, 4 states, and sleep deprivation caught up with me and I attempted to catch up on sleep. Eventually I rolled out of bed and got in 4 miles before running errands for most of the day. The biggest change was that most of the snow/ice has melted up here which made for a slushy run this morning, it was nice.

Around 4 this evening I headed out for run number two of the day and managed to get in 6.5 miles before the sun went down. This was my first two-a-day of running and I could feel the effects near the end of my second run but pushed though and average 8:37/mile which I was happy with.


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